Popular U.S. brand stores

The official store of the famous designer, founded in 1985. Here you will find all collections, and a constantly updated sale section.
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A brand founded in 1967. In America, the prices of clothes are substantially lower global rices. All the latest collections and constant promotions (with promo codes). Often with a large cashback.
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The world's most popular jeans since 1853. Not just 501 models, but the brand's entire assortment, including jackets, T-shirts, sweaters, accessories.
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Clothes mostly for young people. Bright sweaters with prints, colorful dresses and more. The brand was founded by and a subsidiary of Abercombie&Fitch.
A brand for the whole family, founded in 1969. You can find basic items at a low price. The official site has all collections, including Old Navy underwear, Banana Republic apparel. Pay attention to the discounted GAP Factory section.
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A denim empire, founded in 1978. These jeans epitomize American style and culture.
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A brand adored by women since 1981, where one can purchase handbags, clothes, shoes and more.A lot more affordable in the USA than globally.
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This is a budget line of the Italian fashion brand, founded in 1975. You can buy outerwear, shoes, sweatshirts and jeans.

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